Cabin sheds or porch sheds are popular shed style and for good reason. They are very much a multi-purpose shed with uses ranging from extra bedrooms to personal offices. The options are only limited by your creativity. Now we know that you are a very creative person, but everyone has dry spells. So, if you’re looking for some suggestions to get your creative cabin shed ideas flowing, this post is perfect for you.

Man Cave

Everyone loves a place where they can get away. That’s what a man cave is designed to be. It’s your place to relax, read a book, watch TV, or do whatever you so please. A man cave can also be a place to express yourself artistically. If you are into sports, design your man cave with your favorite team’s colors. If you love hunting, get out that camouflage wallpaper and show off your best mounts. The sky is the limit.

Steps to Make Your Own Personalized Man-Cave:

  1. Buy a cabin shed
  2. Finish the interior using your favorite theme (sports, rustic, modern, etc.)
  3. Add personal touches such as picture, flags, mounts, and more
  4. Buy furnishings such as a mini fridge, a couch, a table set, etc.
  5. Enjoy it all by yourself or invite your friends over for a party
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Are you always hosting friends and family? Do you ever wish for an extra bedroom to use when you are hosting them? A cabin shed can be a great way to add extra space without building an addition. It can increase your capacity to host friends and family and ensure that no one has to sleep in the bathtub! Just add a cabin shed to your backyard.

Steps to Make Your Own Personalized Guesthouse:

  1. Buy a cabin shed
  2. Find space to put a small shed on your property
  3. Finish the interior according to your liking
  4. Furnish it with a bed, a nightstand, a couple chairs, and whatever else you want
  5. Invite your friends and family over
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Home Office

Working from home has become more and more necessary and efficient option. While working in your bedroom can work, it is often nice to have a personal office. Enter cabin sheds. Cabin sheds are perfect for office use. They allow you to have personal office space away from the busyness of your home while still being close enough to be convenient.

Steps to Make Your Own Personalized Home Office:

  1. Buy a cabin shed
  2. Find the ideal spot to put your shed
  3. Finish the interior however you like it
  4. Purchase a desk, a chair, bookshelves, and whatever else you will need
  5. Enjoy the freedom of working from home
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She Shed

She Sheds are a beautiful and elegant way to use a cabin shed. Like man caves, they can be used to relax, read, and just enjoy some time away. It can be decorated using your favorite theme and furnished with old furniture, new furniture, or anything you build. There are lots of Pinterest boards you can check out for DIY she shed projects and other she shed inspiration.

Steps to Make Your Own Personalized She Shed:

  1. Buy a cabin shed
  2. Pick a theme or purpose (modern, rustic, garden, etc.)
  3. Purchase or make the furnishings you need to complete your She Shed
  4. Enjoy the yourself and get lost in the peace and quietness
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Cabin Shed Styles

Northland Sheds offers three types of cabin sheds. These are listed below.

Cabin shed for sale

Classic Style

Barn style cabin shed

High Barn Style

Ranch cabin shed for sale

Ranch Style

Here are a few of our standard cabin shed features:

  • 4′ Covered Porch included in overall length (Storage available above porch)
  • PerformMAX® Flooring with Textured, Skid Resistant Finish
  • 4″x4″ pressure treated skids
  • 2″x4″ treated floor joists for 8′ and 10′ wide sheds
  • 2″x6″ treated floor joists for 12′, 14′ and 16′ wide sheds
  • One window and two gable vents
  • No peak on metal roofs for high barn style
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles or Tuff Rib Metal Roof
  • 7/16″ OSB Wall Sheathing on lap, vinyl and metal sided buildings
  • Synthetic Felt Paper on roof for buildings 120 square feet and larger (Available as an
  • siding)
  • One set of white double fiberglass doors (for wood lap and vinyl siding)
  • 14′ upgrade on smaller buildings)
  • Sherwin Williams SuperPaint® with choice of color (for wood panel and lap
  •  and 16′ wide buildings will have varying widths, lengths are exact (call for details)

If you are interested in purchasing a cabin shed or you would like to get a quote, please contact us. You can also get more information by checking out the links below.