1.Traditional Storage Sheds

Let’s start with the basics. If you are interested in your storage shed serving as nothing more than a storage space, then a minimalist approach is in order. A traditional outdoor storage shed can range in size from 8 feet by 8 feet to 16 feet by 40 feet. Whether you plan on storing a riding lawn mower or a snow plow in your traditional storage shed, the key to minimalism is organization and order. Wall hooks, shelving systems, and overhead loft space for less frequently used supplies all help to keep the interior neat and tidy. On the outside, choose no-frills vinyl, wood or metal siding for a practical appearance.


Perhaps the most non-traditional shed use is in the form of a playhouse. When grandchildren visit, or if your own children need a bit of space, a storage sheds can be transformed into a playhouse. Storage Sheds have ample space for kid-sized tables, chalkboard walls, and shelves for blocks and toys. Complete with windows, a deck and spray foam insulated floors, children can safely play indoors regardless of weather. Any of our Northland Storage sheds can be transformed into a delightful kid’s playhouse.

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Potting shed northalnd shed

3.Potting Sheds

For the whimsical shed owner, potting, or garden sheds, are the perfect complement to an oasis of green space. Garden sheds are warm enough to start seedlings in the winter, cool enough to store bulbs in the fall, and just right for rainy summer days when a gardener needs a quick retreat.

Choose brightly colored siding for winter interest, add shutters to windows for a quaint touch and decorate with flower boxes – there is a range of options for those with a creative and whimsical flair

4.Crafting Shed

If floral motifs and wind chimes don’t speak to you, then a rustic craftsman shed is a good alternative. Metal workers can leave the shed’s roll up doors open for air flow. Woodworkers will find space for workbenches and tools. Inventors can store electronics and machinery without worrying about water damage or clutter.

From ranch style to high barn style and low barn style, each architectural design offers craftsmen storage and working space.

Studio shed for sale

5.Studio Shed

Artists, writers and professionals who work from home all need a quiet studio in which they can complete their projects. A shed provides creative and professional types with a space away from home without the hassle of a noisy coffee shop. Deluxe sheds, with transom windows for overhead light and a pitched roof for maximum charm, feel more like a small house than an outbuilding or shed. Plus, you can be as quiet or as loud as you want or need to be in your outside office.

Place your customized shed in an area hidden by trees or out in open space. The staff at Northland Sheds will help you decide from a variety of options.

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