Are you a crafty person? Does the sound of glue guns, glitter, Michael’s, a cricket machine, or scissors give you a feeling of inspiration and glee?

If so, you need yourself a craft shed.

As you well know, creativity has no limits and requires freedom of space and time to fully unleash itself.

If you are tired of fighting with your family over the space of the kitchen table or of constantly transporting your crafts back and forth from the dining room to the kitchen to the living room (you know, just battling for some space, peace, and quiet), a space of your very own is the answer!

What better space to craft your masterpieces than a darling shed built to your exact specifications and desires? ?

Be further convinced by checking out the following customer story starring our valued customer, Nicole from Georgetown, Minnesota.

By the way, try not to fall in love with her charming craft shed. [Disclaimer] It will be hard. ?

Introducing Nicole’s Craft Shed | The Ultimate Crafting Shed

Do you like all things Christmas? How about homemade wreathes or working with resin?

If so, meet Nicole, a wife, a mother, and a passionate crafter.

To do so, let’s go deep into rural Minnesota where Nicole and her family live on a farm.

A place where open land stretches out as far as the eye can see. Yet on the horizon in a cove of trees, you will discover a striking white and dusty blue trimmed craft shed sitting in the sun with an American flag flapping in the breeze. Below the windows you will notice two dusty blue flower boxes tastefully overflowing with red flowers and green ivy.

adorable craft shed near fargo north dakota

All this utter loveliness is surrounded by gorgeous light-colored stone with a grey deck greeting you as you approach the front door.

Pause. Before you go inside this enchanting craft shed turn around and notice the pretty white fence enclosing part of the deck and the rocking chairs with the bright red cushions beckoning.

awesome craft shed custom made in south dakota

While the exterior of this craft shed is stunning enough to take a seat and enjoy the views for a while, the real magic is about to begin!

crafts made in converted craft shed near fargo north dakota

The moment you step inside you will be drawn to the shelves filled with sparkling vintage Christmas centerpieces tastefully arranged with jolly Santas, snow speckled evergreens, winter clad, rosy-cheeked children and elves, and good ole’ reindeer

serious craft shed in georgetown minnesota

If you glance to the right, you cannot help but notice a lovely vintage hat resting atop a stand with dark feathers willowing above three pink flowers glued snuggly to the side of the hat’s top.

craft supplies in craft hobby shed in upper midwest

Yes. This is a crafter’s dream spot. Glue guns lie on the counters and rolls of colorful cricket paper hang from the wall. 

craft shed equipment in craft shed in minnesota

A small sink sits ready to wash away glue, glitter, and all crafting residues.

While all this created beauty seemed to have always existed, Nicole’s love for crafting began in quite a different setting.

“So, all my crafts began in the house in the kitchen area. Eventually I started overpowering the kitchen area and was running out of storage space. Then I got shooed out into the garage…because of the glitter. Then my husband was like, you are going to need to slow down a little or you are going to need to find a bigger facility.”

Thankfully, Nicole and her crafts were not left out in the cold. Instead getting “kicked out” of her house and the garage was an invitation for her to pursue a lifelong dream, her very own she shed.  Thus, she began looking for some sort of building that could properly house her expanding hobby.

craft themed she shed in georgetown minnesota

How To Turn A Shed Into A Craft Room

Nicole decided to start with a simple shed shell to create her craft shed. Then one day, along University Avenue on Fargo, a Northland Sheds’ display lot caught her eye and her attention. The display sheds impressed Nicole and helped her discover which shed style she wanted. However, she wanted to customize certain design details of her craft shed and that is exactly what Northland Sheds empowered her to do.

1. Start With A Good Custom Design For Your Craft Shed

For Nicole, starting with a good custom design for her craft shed was really important.

 “They (Northland Sheds) were exactly what I went with because of my options to create and customize what I wanted, and they were fantastic to work with,” shares Nicole.

In fact, one of her favorite parts of the Northland Sheds experience was a handy feature on their website called a 3D Builder. Nicole loved picking her ideal windows and choosing where she wanted them. She could pick flower boxes, double or single doors, or even a garage door on one side.

craaft shed with window boxes in minnesota

Nicole confessed, “Seeing a great visual was one of the selling points for me…It gave me an idea of what mine would look like.”

Nicole then talked to one of the Northland Sheds’ sales representatives, Leona, and told her some of the special customization aspects that she wanted for her craft shed, like a bigger loft and a u-shaped workbench area built to a comfortable working height where she could create her crafts.

craft shed with a work bench in minnesota

“She (Leona) said we can pretty much do anything you want to do, and I said that is fantastic,” Nicole smiled as she recalled her satisfying craft shed designing experience.

The rest is history…after Nicole designed her shed and put the order in, the next exciting date was delivery day!

2. Installing The Craft Shed

Delivery day came and did not disappoint as Nicole and her family watched her large craft shed pulling up the driveway atop a big truck.  The area where her craft shed was to rest was prepped and ready. The delivery man got out of the truck and with the help of a mule he single-handedly maneuvered the shed into its prepared spot all in about 10 minutes!

Nicole shared in reflection, “It was amazing how quickly and smoothly it all went”.

3. Finishing The Interior Of The Craft Shed

After delivery Nicole and her husband set to work to finishing out the shed and making it usable as a craft shed. Included in the design of the project, was placing it near an existing propane tank so that they would easily be able to install a propane heater. 

They also ran electricity to the shed so that they could install lights and outlets to run all of their crafting tools, as well as a window unit air conditioner.

craft shed space finished with heat and electricity in minnesota

4. Enjoy Using Your New Craft Shed

Fast forward 2 years later, and Nicole’s crafting hobby and her craft shed have evolved into quite the operation. Just hear what all Nicole does now thanks to her new craft shed.

outstanding hobby shed for crafts in northern midwest

“I take vintage Christmas decorations or vintage ceramics or old canisters, old wood boxes, and metal tins that are used for baking or cooking and I create them into table pieces or centerpieces, or accent pieces for Christmas mainly. 

christmas decorations made in a craft shed in minnesota

Then through that I started doing baby arrangements. I do my cricket crafts using my cricket machine. I also do resin projects. I basically am able to do multiple craft projects based on my craft shed as a whole.”

projects in hobby she shed themed as craft shed near fargo North Dakota

Yes, Nicole’s gift for antiquing and crafting has been fully unleashed and appreciated thanks to a space of her very own!

Plus, Nicole enjoys her new craft shed as a space to get away with her daughter and friends to relax and craft together without any interruptions or space restraints.

In the words of Nicole to anyone looking for a craft shed of their very own, “Look at Northland Sheds if you are interested in building any type of shed. They just worked so well with me. They listened to me. They did everything I asked them to do.”

If you would like to purchase some of Nicole’s outstanding handiwork, or see them in person, then you should check out the The Big One Art & Craft Fair.

Also, you can check out Nicole’s facebook page Verna Marie Vintage Collectibles.

If you are interested in seeing another beautiful she shed project from one of our customers, check out The HalfWay House: A Beautiful She Shed.

Discover Your Ideal Craft Shed Today!

flower arrangements made in custom craft shed for sale in north dakota

Are you ready to leave the kitchen or dining room table behind for a crafting space of your very own?!

If so, enjoy choosing from 8 different shed styles and designing your ideal craft shed with the same handy tool that Nicole used, the 3D Builder.

Simply allow your creative genius to lead the way. Your craft shed will be yet another one of your praiseworthy masterpieces.