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Outdoor Dog Kennel Health: A Practical Guide

Jared Reiff - August 30, 2023

outdoor dog kennel (2)

When you think of a dog kennel, what comes to mind? Is it a vision of a happy home for your pet, or a dirty and cramped pen that leaves your dog living in miserable squalor? Often, kennels are more like the second option, but they don’t have to be!  In this article, we focus […]

How To Pick The Right Chicken Coop Size | A Sizing Guide

Kris Bucher - February 15, 2023

chicken coops of different sizes for sale in north dakota

Are you thinking about taking the plunge into the world of backyard chicken raising but aren’t sure what size chicken coop you would need?  To be successful in raising backyard chickens, it is important to have a coop that offers a proper amount of space for the size of flock that you are thinking of […]

Wooden Dog Kennels | Buyer’s Guide

Jared Reiff - August 23, 2023

8x14 amish wooden dog kennel

Wooden Dog Kennels are quality-built living quarters for your dog. These kinds of dog kennels are frequently built by shed companies or other high-quality craftsmen dedicated to giving your dog the best living facility possible.  Wooden dog kennels consist of a sleeping area, as well as a place called a “run” that can allow for […]

15 Reasons Why Vinyl Sided Storage Sheds Are Better Than Plastic Sheds

Kris Bucher - December 15, 2023

Vinyl sided shed for sale in Le Mars Iowa From Builder

You found yourself asking “Are Vinyl Resin Sheds any good”? Sure, in some instances they can be helpful. They are affordable, weatherproof as well as being something you can assemble on your own. However, you can’t choose a custom size, and the colors are limited. What you might be looking for is a Vinyl Sided […]

A Simple Office Shed Solution | 10 Steps To Create A Productive Workspace

Jared Reiff - December 15, 2023

Are you tired of “never” leaving your home? Do you feel more anxiety than focus, when you are surrounded by not only your weekly workload, but the dishes, the background buzz of your children’s’ bickering or tears, or the challenge of leaving work in its rightful place? You fill in the blank. _________ Enjoy a […]

Garden Sheds | Answering Your (un)Common Questions

Kris Bucher - February 25, 2022

garden shed near me SD

When you bought your house you knew from the beginning a garden shed would be needed for your property. And you were ok with that because you desired spending hours of time in your garden shed working on hobbies… or simply getting organized. Whether it’s for projects you actually need to do or to hide […]