Your house is getting too cramped for your family and you need to move to a bigger home. Or do you? What about the neighborhood that you’ve grown to love so much? And your kids, they have done so well in the local school and have many local friends. The fact is, you have become a part of the community. So much so, that the barista at the local coffee shop knows what you want when you walk in the door. At the same time, you can no longer avoid the fact that your children’s toys have doubled in recent years. Not to mention the Christmas decor that has become a mountain of its own. 
You need space but you can’t magically add another floor to your home. Neither can you add a storage shed to your backyard. Or can you? Now that’s an idea! What is easier and more affordable, to sell your home and buy a new house or to buy a storage shed? If you want to save an average of $20,000, statistics say “Buy A Storage Shed!” And here is why…

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1. Wooden Storage Sheds Cost Less [Way Less]!

You are well aware of the costly price of selling you home, only to spend twice as much to purchase and move to a new home. Let’s not even mention the hidden cost of buying a house or the headache that comes from dealing with greedy realtors. Many homeowners are opting for a cheaper solution to their growing storage needs. Wooden Storage Sheds are seeing increased popularity among families who care about their budgets and their family. Who would have ever guessed that a storage shed could help you better prepare for retirement and save up for your kid’s college fund?

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2.Wooden Sheds Grow with your Family

Your family is growing, either through the blessing of more children, or through these children growing up. With growing families comes a growing need for space. Lucky for you, wood storage sheds are available in 22 different sizes. This allows you to choose one that fits the needs of your family, now and in the future. You can choose a mid-size 12×24 wood shed, or go big with the large 16×40 shed. Your shed will continue to be a storage solution as your children grow out of their bicycles and need a place to store their belongings as they move on to college.

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3. Wooden Sheds Let You Show Your Personality

It is easy to find yourself living in a house that matches all of the other homes in the neighborhood because of city regulations. Have you ever wished to be able to customize your own building, crafting a unique structure with custom colors that say, “YOU!” all over? Economically speaking, it is difficult to achieve this with a new house. But a wood storage shed is a different story. The many styles, colors, and options that are available allow you to truly customize your own building. Paint it to match the colors of your football team. Engrave your family name in it. A wood shed enables you to stand out in the neighborhood

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4. More Than Just A Storage Solutions

From Man Caves to She Sheds to Children’s Play Rooms, wood sheds are being customized to meet needs far beyond just simple storage. Many homeowners that work from home are using wood sheds to craft a deluxe home office. Mother’s have found sheds to be the perfect gateway to a relaxing spot, free from the chaos in the house. Artists are transforming sheds into art studios. Gone are the days when sheds were just storage solutions. Check out these unique uses of sheds in 2017. We’re amazed at the smart ways people are using their sheds. What is your idea?

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