You found yourself asking “Are Vinyl Resin Sheds any good”? Sure, in some instances they can be helpful. They are affordable, weatherproof as well as being something you can assemble on your own. However, you can’t choose a custom size, and the colors are limited. What you might be looking for is a Vinyl Sided Shed instead.


Plastic Vinyl Storage Shed vs. Vinyl sided Storage Shed

We get it. You have a lawn mower, a few of your children’s toys and maybe a watering can for the flower bed you swore you would get to (who cares if you’ve become the expert at growing a bed full of weeds, at least it’s something right?!).

Why in the world wouldn’t you just buy a cheap vinyl resin storage shed from the local big box store? These vinyl storage sheds make for a cheap fix to the more permanent problem you’re having. Your buddy had one of the vinyl sheds that seemed to do ok for the one year that he had it. Then again, was he ever someone you took advice from in the first place? We’ve compiled a list of 15 reasons why you wouldn’t want to go the cheap vinyl shed route.

Plastic Vinyl Resin Shed Weak Points

1. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Are Structurally Weak

When you look around your neighborhood how many houses are made out of plastic alone? (The kid’s play house doesn’t count). That’s because the vinyl resin sheds are just that, plastic. They are not designed to withstand the demands of weather like a home or garage is. That’s because these sheds are made to be “affordable”.

2. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Are Not Secure

Think of how you want your home to be secured. A place where people feel safe. You don’t want to worry about your belongings being taken. When you buy a vinyl resin shed that is what you sign up for. A place that can easily be broken into and your valued items being taken.

3. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Can’t Hold Up To Extreme Weather Conditions

When inclement weather comes our way you want to worry about what matters. Getting to work, making sure the family is safe and that everything you have worked for is safe too. When you buy a vinyl storage shed, you don’t know how it’s going to hold up to the predicted snowfall for this year. Many times these vinyl resin sheds collapse under pressure.

ON THE OTHER HAND…A Quality VINYL Sided SHED is Strong, Secure, And Durable

quality structural integrity vinyl sided shed near fargo

A Vinyl sided Shed should be built to residential standards.

Ranch vinyl sheds in mn

A Vinyl sided Shed should be built with your security needs in mind.

quality structural integrity vinyl sided shed near fargo

A Vinyl sided Shed should be built to withstand our extreme weather conditions. For some awesome tips to winterize your shed, check out our blog!

Vinyl Resin Sheds are Basic

4. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Are Bland

When you buy something for your home you don’t just buy the first item you see. You take time to make sure the fit is something that works for you and your needs. When you go to the big box store for one of these vinyl sheds your options are limited. They look like every other plastic playhouse wanting to be a shed.

5. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Are Small

You may already know this but, did you know, the average size of a vinyl resin shed is only 8×10 ft? That leaves just 80 square feet of storage for your items. That allows just enough room for the average push mower and not much else. So you probably just spent a large percentage of the cost of a larger vinyl sided storage shed to house only a mower. That doesn’t feel good for you or your wallet.

6. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Are Not Easily Altered

When you build your vinyl resin shed you are excited about what you are going to be able to fit in it. Then you realize that the space is very limited and the things you own take up more than you expected. Once built and purchased there are no easy alterations that can be made to the structure. You are stuck with the plastic cookie cutter you bought. Which can leave you disappointed in the shed you have hope could become the craft shed you had always hoped for

ON THE OTHER HAND…A Quality VINYL Sided SHED Is Beautiful, Custom Sized, and Adaptable

custom built vinyl sided sheds

A Vinyl sided Shed should be built to make it as attractive as possible.

custom size vinyl sided shed in grand forks ND

A Vinyl sided Shed should be built to your size needs.

custom made vinyl sided storage sheds close to devils lake ND 1

A Vinyl sided Shed should be adaptable to your needs.

Quick Shed Setup Causes Quick Problems

7. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Are Poorly Constructed

Vinyl storage sheds that you can purchase for a bargain are not built with great integrity. All it offers is a poured plastic mold. The way they get you the value is by giving you the most cost effective (let’s be honest, that means cheap) parts. Put cheap parts, sale prices and “cost effective hardware” all in one box and you’ve basically bought a house of cards.

8. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Are Plasticware

One thing all people do is eat. And how do you take those leftovers to work the next day? In a plastic container of course. Many of the same companies you use for your food storage containers are the same building these big vinyl resin sheds.

9. Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Have Weak Floors

The allure of a Vinyl Storage Shed is the ease of set up. Something many of these “builders” don’t tell you prior to purchase is that you have to prepare the ground for the vinyl shed. So now that Saturday afternoon project has turned into a weekend project, with more expenses because you have to prepare the site before using it.

ON THE OTHER HAND…A Quality VINYL Sided SHED Are Well-built, Durable, and Have Strong Floors

vinyl sided shed interior

A Vinyl sided  Shed should be built with residential like construction, that can have the feeling of being solidly built (unlike some plastic container) with a floor strong enough to withstand the work load you need.

Build You Own Problem


“…after about 5 years it (pieces of the roof) just crumbled and disappeared…”

Photo and Testimony Credit

10. Sale Price Means Sale Problems

Vinyl resin Storage Sheds are something you can find on sale quite often at your local big box store. However, When you receive the savings you inherit all the problems that come with a sale price. Missing screens, mismatched hardware or not enough screws to put in to hold it together. Making you wonder is one good wind gust going to make this all disappear?

11. You Have To Put It Together

When you buy a vinyl resin storage shed you are looking to save money. Part of saving money is knowing that you will have the responsibility of putting it together. Do you really want to spend another Saturday with frustrating plans made for you?

12. Roof Convenience Or Roof Nightmare

When you buy a vinyl resin storage shed you are excited that it will only be requiring a few pieces to put it together. But what does that mean down the road when a branch falls off a tree and cracks the roof? You are stuck with a shed that can not be repaired because the cheap plastic is cracked through. But hey, at least you got the skylight you always wanted.

ON THE OTHER HAND…A Quality Vinyl Sided Shed Is Low Maintenance, Install Quickly, And Has A Solid Roof

vinyl storage shed for sale in iowa


When we think of repairs, we think it should be something that is far off in the distance. That why are shed are built with exceptional quality that are second to none.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Plastic Vinyl Resin Sheds Are Not Totally Usable

13. Vinyl Sheds Are Difficult To Assemble

Have you found yourself trying to put together furniture in the past only to be left feeling frustrated by how it was going? If you buy a vinyl shed that is part of the territory. Your only hope is that the pre-drilled holes line up correctly to the template of the metal frame or your whole structure is going to be flimsy.

14. Vinyl Shed Windows Are Unusable

Vinyl resin Shed windows are in place just for looks. Maybe you are hoping to use this space as a painting studio, or store your pool chemicals or mixed gas for your weed eater. Without the proper ventilation that windows offer the results can end in a way that is good for no one. You need to have the proper ventilation in your space.

15. Wall Space Is Unusable

When you finally have your vinyl resin shed put together, you want to put up your gardening tools on the wall to save some floor space.  You soon realize you are limited to using the shelves that manufacture has created. The hopes you had had of building a custom shelf mounted to the wall are now snuffed out, and you have to worry about tripping over them every time you go into your shed.

ON THE OTHER HAND…a quality VINYL sided SHED is Easily Installed and Fully Usable

While plastic vinyl storage sheds are not as usable as you may have thought our Vinyl sided Storage sheds features are totally usable. Our Vinyl sided Sheds, such as our Ranch Sheds, come completely assembled, the windows are totally usable and the wall space can be customized to house any size shelving needs you may have. Be as creative with your space as you want.

The Bottom Line…

So the evidence is pretty compelling, plastic vinyl storage sheds are affordable, but they have a lot of pitfalls. You may be able to overlook some of the shortcomings but is it really worth it? Are you trying to just save money or are you trying to make a purchase that will stand the test of time? What you most -likely looking for is one of our Vinyl Sided Storage Sheds.

vinyl storage shed for sale in ND

So you’ve done your research and realized a plastic vinyl storage Shed isn’t what you are looking for after all. What you are actually looking for is a Vinyl sided Storage Shed . We know we can be the team that builds what you are looking for. Unlike Vinyl Resin Storage Sheds we can design a shed that meets the specific requirements you have. Since 2008 we have been doing just that. Our customers receive what we call the Northland Sheds Experience, a nice building at a fair market price that we would want to put in our own backyard. So check us out online, give us a call, or visit us at one of many display lots in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. We know that with over 20 colors of vinyl siding to choose from you will find a shed that breaks the mold and is unique to you and your needs. Start Designing today!

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