Wooden Dog Kennels are quality-built living quarters for your dog. These kinds of dog kennels are frequently built by shed companies or other high-quality craftsmen dedicated to giving your dog the best living facility possible.  Wooden dog kennels consist of a sleeping area, as well as a place called a “run” that can allow for them to be outside and contained.

Wooden Dog Kennel Sizes

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What Sizes Of Wooden Dog Kennels Are Available?

Wooden dog kennels can come in a variety of sizes. The smallest-sized wooden dog kennel offer at Northland Sheds is 8×10, while our largest wooden dog kennel is 8×16. No matter the size of dog kennel you need, we are happy to help you decide what size is going to be the best for you and your dog. No matter if you need small single kennel or large double kennel.

What Size Wooden Dog Kennel Do I Need? 

Determining the size of a dog kennel you need depends on how big your dog is and how many dogs you have. If you have one small dog that will only be in the wooden dog kennel from time to time, our small dog kennel (8×10) may be all you need. However, if you have larger dogs who are going to live in the wooden dog kennel as their “primary residence,” you should consider purchasing a large dog kennel (8×16).


Dog Size

The size of your dog will determine what size wooden dog kennel will serve you best. A smaller dog will not need as much space as a larger dog to be comfortable. To help you understand what dog kennel will best suit your needs, we have a list of dogs that will be most comfortable in our typical dog kennel sizes.

Single Dog Kennel Sizes

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Our single wooden dog kennels have one dog run and a single kennel area. We have provided the information below to help you determine what wooden dog kennel will be best for you. These are suggestions, and you may find that a different-sized dog kennel suits your needs better than another.

SIngle Wooden Dog kennel size recommendation


Dog Weight Class

Dog Breed

8×10 Wooden Dog Kennel

Small Dogs (35 pounds and Under)

American Eskimo Dogs, Beagles, Cesky Terriers, Finnish Spitz, Icelandic Sheepdogs

8×12 Wooden Dog Kennel

Medium Dogs (35-55 pounds)

Australian Cattle Dogs, Basset Hound, Border Collies, Bulldogs, Standard Dachshunds

8×14  Wooden Dog Kennel

Large Dogs (55+ pounds)

Australian Shepherds, Blood Hounds, Blue-tick Coonhounds, Bull Terriers, Collies

Double Wooden Dog Kennels 

dogs (1)
Number of Dogs

We believe that creating a comfortable space for your dogs will make for happy dogs. When you have more than one dog,  it is best to have two runs in your wooden dog kennel. This configuration will allow for each dog to have its individual space to relieve itself or have room to move around independently from the other dog.

8x14 amish wooden dog kennel

Double Wooden Dog Kennel size recommendation


Dog Weight Class

Dog Breed

8×14 Wooden Dog Kennel

Small and Medium Dogs

Under 35-55 Pounds

Australian Cattle Dogs, Basset Hounds, Beagles, American Eskimo Dogs, Bulldogs 

8×16 Wooden Dog Kennel

Medium and Large Dogs

35-55+ Pounds

Australian Shepherds, Blue-tick Coonhounds, Border Collies, Bull Terriers, Bulldogs

Your wooden dog kennel needs to be functional and attractive. A wooden dog kennel should be built with functionality as the number one thing in mind. Your wooden dog kennel should have the following features to ensure safety, functionality, and security.

What Features Should My Wooden Dog Kennel Have?

Insulated Room

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Your wooden dog kennel needs to be a space where your dog(s) can be sheltered from the elements. To keep your dogs comfortable, this space needs to be well insulated. A well-built wooden dog kennel is built with insulation already in place. However, adding some extra features like a heating source or some simple blankets gives your dog(s) the cozy space they are looking for!

Polyurea Floor

dog kennel interior

All dog owners have been there, a dog has an accident on the carpet, and you are left having to clean it up. A well-built wooden dog kennel has a polyurea floor. This kind of flooring gives you two benefits in your wooden dog kennel. The first benefit is giving you a floor that is very easy to clean. Polyurea floors have a high gloss finish and allow you to clean up any mess that your dog may have quickly and without a trace. 

The second benefit of a polyurea floor is that they are 4 times stronger than a typical epoxy floor. By having a more robust floor finish, you can rest assured that your dog will not be able to damage the floor quickly. 

As you can see, a polyurea floor will give you some great benefits for your dog kennel.

Kennel Run

A kennel run is an essential part of a quality constructed wooden dog kennel. A kennel run is an area that allows your dog to get some time outside while still being contained. The kennel runs on our wooden dog kennels are made up of poly decking, a durable, high-quality building material that can handle excessive use and is sun-fade resistant.

Chain Link Fencing

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To contain your dog in the kennel run, we use chainlink fencing. Chainlink fencing has a history of being durable and highly functional, all while being easily cleaned and maintained. Your wooden dog kennel will utilize chain link fencing for more than just containment. The chain link fencing will create extra doors that allow for multiple entries and exit points.

High-Quality Siding

wooden dog kennel for sale in north dakota

A wooden dog kennel will be built out of wood. However, a solidly constructed wooden dog kennel should use high-quality wooden siding. The high-quality wooden siding on our dog kennels is a product known as LP® SmartSide®.

LP-Smart Side paneling is a high-quality siding material used in many industries, but it is primarily used in the shed industry. Using wooden siding like this for your dog kennel gives you a highly-rated material ensuring that your wooden dog kennel will stand the test of time. LP Smart siding comes with a 40-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your wooden dog kennel will be able to stand the test of time no matter the difficulties it may see.

Easily Accessible Water

Your wooden dog kennel needs to allow for easy access to clean water. In the summer, no matter where you live, it will be easy to keep the water in its liquid state and simply refresh with clean water as you check the bowl throughout the day. However, your dog must receive the same access to fresh water each day in the winter. 

There are two simple ways for you to give water access to your dog. 

First, simply check on the water bowl throughout the day and fill it up as needed. Your wooden dog kennel has the aforementioned insulated kennel area, which should help to keep the water from completely freezing. However, checking the water bowl multiple times a day can become quite time-consuming as you have to go and look at the water numerous times a day. 

Second, you could purchase a heated water dog bowl. Having a heard water dog bowl will keep your dog’s water in a liquid state no matter the temperature. However, using a heated water dog bowl in your wooden dog kennel means you need to have an electrical outlet in the dog kennel or run an extension cord to the dog kennel. You will also need to check the dog’s water level throughout the day. However, you will be assured that as long as there is water in the bowl, they are getting the water they need.


Wooden Dog kennels make an excellent living arrangement for your dog. No matter if you need a “permanent residence” or you are looking for just a place to keep your dog(s) penned up at night, a wooden dog kennel is a great solution. At Northland Sheds, we offer a wide variety of single and double dog kennels. Come by and see our available inventory and see how a wooden dog kennel may be what your furry friend needs.