12’x24′ Ranch Style Metal Garage


Siding Color: Light Gray

Roofing Color: Charcoal

Features & Options:

• 29 Gauge Tuff Rib Metal Siding
• 40 Year Metal Siding
• Metal Trim – Charcoal
• 40 Year Metal Roof
• One 36” NoWin Prehung Entry Door w/4Ever Frame – White
• 9’x7’ Insulated Garage Door – White $60
• Two 24”x36” Windows and 2 Vents – White $170
• LP ProStruct® Roof & Wall Sheathing w/ SilverTech
• 2″x6″ Treated Floor Joists 12″ OC
• 3/4″ T&G Plywood Roseburg RigidCoat® Floor
• One 2’x12’ Shelf $144
• One 4’x12′ Loft $156
• One 4′ IMR Adjustable Wood Ramps $308
• Metal Wainscot – Charcoal $115
Delivery Fee $199

Rent-to-Own Price: $756.49/mo

Location: Jamestown, ND (Flea Market parking lot)
Please Note: Extra delivery fees will apply for distances greater than 10 miles from this location.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a down payment. Additionally, there will be a Sales Tax charge and Shipping charge. If you have questions on what these other charges will be, please "Request Info" before giving your down payment. If you are buying with Rent-to-Own or Financing, please use "Request Info" instead of reserving with a down payment.
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