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Our Deluxe Garden Sheds compliment almost any property. They are beautifully designed with a 7/12 roof pitch for a fancier look as well as a longer lasting roof. Whether you want a garden shed for firewood or a space to house the lawnmower, the Deluxe Garden Shed is going to provide a beautiful and long-lasting storage solution.

The Deluxe Garden Shed comes in different sizes, ranging from 8x8 up to 12x40. We always recommend a size up from what you think you need. It won’t be long before you wish for just a bit more space

You can buy this garden shed and have it custom built for your particular needs.



Standard Features included for Painted Deluxe:

  • 7/12 Pitch Roof
  • LP SmartPanel siding with SmartFinish backing
  • 2 windows
  • 2 Shutters
  • Wood Double Door with Transom windows
  • 3/4” Prostruct SmartFinish Floor
  • 12″ Acorn Door Hinges
Standard Features included for Vinyl Deluxe & Lap Siding Deluxe
  • 7/12 Pitch Roof
  • 2 windows
  • 2 Shutters
  • Metal Double Door
  • 3/4″ Prostruct SmartFinish Floor
  • 12″ Acorn Door Hinges

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We have our she’d now, and I’m happy to say it is EXACTLY what we needed/wanted. Thank you! –Tim Hartranft

Tim Hartranft

Prepare for a Deluxe Garden Shed in MN, IA, NE, SD & ND

Preparing for your Deluxe Garden shed should not be too difficult. Here we offer help in getting ready for the vinyl shed before it arrives at your location. You can find help in preparing the pad for your Garden shed as well as the shed construction specifications of our sheds. Want to find colors for your pre built Deluxe Shed? Click here for colors.

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