Rent to Own Storage Buildings

Sheds and Garages with No Credit Check or Approval needed!!**

Why Choose Rent to Own Storage Buildings?

-Fast and easy
-No approval needed
-Only 3 months’ payment down

– Storage needs from the comfort of your own backyard. Now you don’t have to run across town to the rental storage unit every time you need to grab a tool. You can store you backyard tools at home in the Rent to Own Shed or Garage

-Low monthly payments
-No hidden costs

-Automatic Payment by either credit card or checking account
-Credit Cards


Which would you rather do?AorB

A. Pay for a storage unit away from your home and get nothing in return for your fuel costs and inconvenience.
B. Rent a storage building in the size, color and style you choose, have it delivered to your own backyard, and own the building after renting for only 36 months?


How do you get started?

All that is required to enroll in our rent-to-own storage building program is a down payment of three months’ rent and the ability to make 33 monthly payments thereafter. Since this is a rental program, and not a loan, no credit is required. You simply rent on a month by month basis for three years.

You may cancel the rental contract at any time simply by calling us and requesting that we pick up the building at no further cost to you. You may also purchase the building at any point by simply paying 60% of the remaining balance on your 36 month lease.

Make the smart choice and rent-to-own!

-Automatic renewal with each payment
-Return the storage unit whenever you would like.

-After ownership, sheds can be re-sold.


Simply call us at 866-568-7174 and ask about our Rent-to-Own option.

**Rent-To-Own is not available in Minnesota**

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