In-Stock Storage Sheds In Le Mars, IA

These buildings are in-stock in Le Mars, IA. We would love for you to stop by anytime and walk through these sheds to see their quality craftsmanship and decide which shed would best fill your dreams for more space.

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Builder Direct Sheds in Le Mars, IA

If you are looking for a storage building in Le Mars Iowa, you are in the right place. here at Northland sheds, we build sheds with the highest quality materials by expert craftsmen direct to you. Our family-owned business provides exceptional service to our customers. Our goal is to make a quality shed for you that adds long-term value to your property.

Storage Sheds In Le mars, Iowa

Ranch Shed

ranch shed for sale in le mars iowa

The Ranch shed is a simple A-frame structure. A ranch shed can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a workshop, crafting/hobby area, or even as a home office. With our high-quality materials, and professional construction, these outdoor storage sheds are built to last a lifetime. Because winter weather in Iowa is no joke, we build our sheds to be able to handle it.

Some of our quality examples include using premium lumber with top ratings, the toughest roof shingles in the industry, Sherwin Williams paint, roof trusses with more than 50 PFS Snow Rating, and premium steel where applicable. Some of our standard features on Ranch Sheds are 5/12 Roof Pitch, premium-grade 2″x4″ wall Studs (16″ on-center), performMAX® flooring with textured, skid resistant finish, 4″x4″ pressure treated skids, 30 year architectural shingles or tuff rib metal roof.

Classic Shed

deluxe classic sheds for sale in le mars iowa

Our Classic sheds in Le Mars are very similar to the Ranch shed but offer a classier steeper roof pitch. The design will look outstanding in almost any environment. The gable roof has a pitch (7/12), resulting in greater overall height than on most sheds. This gives the structure a more expansive interior while also adding a sophisticated appearance.

Available in sizes from 8×8 to 12×38. some of the standard features are 7/12 roof pitch, premium-grade 2″x4″ wall studs (16″ on-center), 4″x4″ pressure treated skids, 1 window and 2 gable vents. View our inventory, read the reviews and get in touch with us today.

Quaker Shed

custom quaker shed for sale in Le Mars Iowa

Quaker sheds are well-known for their appealing and unique form, characterized by extra roof overhang in the front. This added character appeal would make a delightful centerpiece for any yard or garden in Le Mars. Quaker sheds also have a lot of headroom and open rafters, thus they have a lot of storage space. This unique style, also known as the “Saltbox Shed” is a very classy addition to any property. This shed also works well for creative ideas, like being used as a pool house, home office, studio, workshop, or even a man cave.

Some of standard features of the Quaker sheds are 1 window and 2 gable vents, available in floor plans from 8×12 to 12×32.  Get in touch with us today!

Studio Shed

custom studio shed for sale in le mars iowa

Also known as the “Modern Shed”, this style has quickly gained popularity among homeowners in Le Mars and throughout the Midwest. The modern single slope roof allows this shed to look great mounted against a fence or another structure. This style makes an excellent backyard office shed, art studio, or other craft/hobby shed.

High Barn Sheds

high barn garden shed for sale in le mars iowa

Are you are looking for a shed with plenty of overhead storage space? Do you desire a shed with timeless style and advanced functionality? Our High Barn Shed line captures the timeless Dutch Barn look and it is also quite functional due to the huge quantity of space it gives. Attaching a loft to the High Barn shed will help keep the floor area clutter-free and will provide you with extra space to everything that you need

Some of standard features are wall heights of 75″, premium-grade 2″x4″ wall studs, 4″x4″ pressure treated skids. Design your shed in 3D builder and get a free quote today.

Low Barn Shed

low barn sheds for sale in le mars iowa

Are you looking for a traditional appearing shed at a reasonable price? If you need timeless appearance with great functionality, a low barn shed is an excellent choice. The Low barn shed has lower walls but has the same historic barn appearance as the high barn shed. These barns are excellent low-cost choices for lawn and garden outbuildings, as well as for the storage of home valuables. 

These high-quality barn sheds are available in 13 sizes ranging from 8×8 to 12×28. Some of standard features are premium-grade 2″x4″ wall studs, wall heights are 45″, 4″x4″ pressure treated skids, no peak on metal roofs. Get a free quote today.

Economy Sheds

economy ranch wood storage sheds for sale Le Mars Iowa

Do you require a storage shed but have a limited budget? Are you searching for a trustworthy shed builder in Le Mars, Iowa? We are a family-owned company dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and outstanding service. We offer an economy line of sheds based on our premium ranch, high barn, low barn, and studio style. These sheds are particularly intended for the low-budget buyer who requires more storage space in their property. Economy buildings are sturdy structures that are built to last for many years.

Some of the standard features are 50-year LP SmartSide® panel siding, premium-grade 2″x4″ framing lumber, 5/8″ flooring, 4″x4″ pressure treated skids, one set of painted double wood doors. Get in touch with us and get your free quote today.

Sheds With Porches

sheds with porches for sale in le mars iowa

Do you want a small porch on your shed? We take three of our most popular sheds and transform them into shed with porches, transforming an ordinary shed into a lovely cabin-like space Our sheds with porches come standard with 4’ deep porches, but you can choose to upgrade to a 6’ porch if you want even more outdoor lounging space. These porch sheds, manufactured with our regular high-quality materials, provide a perfect, long-lasting place for guest cabins, man caves, home offices. 

Custom Shed

custom shed for sale in le mars iowa

All of our storage sheds can be customized to your specifications. This is the huge advantage you receive when working directly with the builder.