Ranch Premium Sheds With Wood Lap Siding

“The aesthetics of the shed, siding and roof, matched up with our house very well and it’s very attractive in our yard. Life is good when the garage is not cluttered. It gives me room to work on hobbies. “

- J. French

Buy Premium Sheds For Premium Space

Let’s face it. We’ve all tried many options to “store” the kid’s clutter or our own stuff in the basement or overcrowded storage room, only to make life feel more and more congested. These Premium Sheds feature our Ranch-style outdoor storage shed roof line with wood lap siding, giving your needed storage space with a pleasing look.

With these premium sheds, you can also expect a very sturdily built shed featuring a Horizontal 7” Premium Lap Siding. Payment options for these sheds are available on a cash basis or rent-to-own. Get a Free quote today to get started.

Premium sheds for sale in north dakota

Standard Features of These Premium Sheds

  • 50 Year LP SmartSide® Horizontal 7 Lap Siding
  • 5/12 Roof Pitch
  • Premium-Grade 2”x4” Wall Studs (16” on-center)
  • 3/4″ LP® T&G ProStruct SmartFinish Floor
  • 4”x4” pressure treated skids
  • 2″×4″ Treated Floor Joist for 8′ and 10′ wide
  • 2″×6″ Treated Floor Joist for 12′, 14′, and 16′ wide
  • 3/4″ LP® T&G ProStruct SmartFinish Floor
  • 7/16″ OSB Roof and Wall Sheathing
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles or Tuff Rib Metal Roof
  • Sherwin Williams SuperPaint® with choice of color
  • One set of white double fiberglass doors
  • 1 window and 2 vents

Your Shed's Quality Construction

A shed from Northland is a shed built to last in the harsh northern climates. If you want a cheap shed, you should look elsewhere. If you care about quality, look no further. Here is why:

  • Premium lumber with top ratings
  • The toughest roof shingles in the industry
  • Sherwin Williams paint
  • Roof trusses with more than 50 PFS Snow Rating
  • Premium Steel with matching color screws


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More Quality Details

Popular Uses of This Wood Shed

Upgrade this Shed With the Essentials Bundle

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Premium Wood lap Shed

This Essentials Bundle takes our base wood sheds and turns them into classy buildings that could be used in many ways. This bundle combines our most popular shed upgrades into an easy package that still allows you to customize colors, or add on even more options to really make it your own.

Bundle Features Include:

  • (2) 24x27 Windows
  • (2) Vinyl Shutters
  • (1) Single Door
  • (1) Loft
  • (1) Workbench

Bundle Price: $675

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