Building Details Showcase

This page is a reference page for you to see specific details and features of our sheds and other buildings. If you have any feature in particular that you would like to see that is not on this page, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to make it available for you.

Interior Features

When you begin looking for a storage shed you may start off by thinking a simple plastic storage shed is all you need. Let us show you how we construct some of the best storage sheds, and garages in the industry. For a broader scope of what the finished product looks like look below this video!

High barn loft above porch

High Barn Porch Loft

High barn with loft above porch

T&g plywood floor

T&G plywood flooring

Rafters on 12 ft wide high barn without loft

High Barn Rafters

Rafters on a 12′ wide high barn without loft

interior of economy ranch 8x12 1

Economy Ranch Shed Interior

Interior of 8×12 Economy Ranch Shed

Door spikes

Door Spikes



Workbench shelf


Gray unicaddy garage wall shelving

Versa Caddy

Lpshedinterior 0002 smartfinishfloor silvertechwalls


Exterior Features

We hope you are enjoying your journey around our production facility with John. We know you have learned a lot about what goes into building a shed as high quality as ours but may be wondering what is additional features may be available. Let’s check in with John about some of the features we have available for your structure.

6 in double door hinge

6″ Double Door Hinge

12 in acorn hinge

12″ Acorn Hinge

Slat shutters

Slat Shutters

Wood ramps

Wood Ramps

Available for single, double and garage doors

Aluminum ramps

Aluminum Ramps

Available for single, double and garage doors

Wood ramps for garage door

Wood Ramps for Garage Doors

Knob on double doors

Knob on Double Doors

Prehung door knob

Knob on Prehung Doors

L doorhandle

L Door Handle

For economy sheds only

Insulated clay slider window

Insulated Clay Slider Window

Prehung door knob w forever frame

Prehung Door with Forever Frame

4 lite single fiberglass door

4 Lite Single Fiberglass Door

Porch railing

Porch Railing

shed anchors

Shed Anchors

double door tread plate shed options north dakota

Double Door Tread Plate

Standard shed models only

Shed Anchoring

shed anchors
shed anchors 1
shed anchors 2
shed anchors 3
installing shed anchor 3
installing shed anchor