Chicken Coops
Beautiful Backyard Hen Houses

By far the best experience I’ve had purchasing a building. Delivery was flawless and they were able to set it into a tight spot without any issues.

-Angela Marie Anderson
Quality chicken coop for sale in north dakota and iowa

Quality Chicken Coops

Our chicken coops are the perfect safe home for you hens. No more worrying about foxes or other predators getting into your flock. These high-quality chicken coops will protect your birds from animals, weather, anything else that might harm them. Plus, our coops are a great aesthetic addition to any backyard. They come in come in a variety sizes and styles including A-Frame Ranch and Quaker. So whether your looking for a large chicken coop or a small chicken coop, we have the perfect option for you and your chickens.

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Chicken Coop Styles

Quaker style chicken coop for 12 14 chickens for sale

Quaker Style

A frame chicken coop for sale in north dakota

Ranch Style

Standard Features Of These Chicken Coops

  • Roost
  • Nesting Boxes
  • LP TechShield Roofing Sheathing with Radiant Barrier
  • Run
  • PerformMAX┬« Flooring with Textured, Skid Resistant Finish
Large a frame chicken coop
Small chicken coop for sale

Chicken Coop Sizes

Ranch Chicken Coop

  • 5×7: 3×5 Coop, 4×5 Run, 3 Nesting Boxes

Quaker Chicken Coop

  • 4×8: 4×4 Coop, 4×4 Run, 4 Nesting Boxes
  • 6×8: 4×6 Coop, 4×6 Run, 4 Nesting Boxes
  • 6×10: 4×6 Coop, 6×6 Run, 4 Nesting Boxes
  • 6×12: 6×6 Coop, 6×6 Run, 6 Nesting Boxes
  • 7×12: 6×7 Coop, 6×7 Run, 6 Nesting Boxes
  • 8×12: 6×8 Coop, 6×8 Run, 6 Nesting Boxes
  • 7×14: 4×7 Coop, 7×10 Run, 6 Nesting Boxes
  • 7×16: 6×7 Coop, 7×10 Run, 6 Nesting Boxes

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