Preparing A Shed Base FOr Your Shed

You are responsible to prepare your shed’s location and have ready access to your shed pad for delivery.  Preparing a proper shed base is critical to ensuring the longevity of your shed.

Shed base in north dakota

1. Obtain Permits

Check with your local officials for necessary permits. Northland Sheds is not responsible to secure permits or ensure proper permits are obtained.

2. Prepare Your Foundation

Gravel Pad

This is our foundation recommendation. You can build a perfectly level pad that will drain water at a minimal cost (see illustration).

Concrete Pad

This provides a very solid foundation for your shed and minimizes the risk of settling or shifting. However, it is also the most expensive pad option.


This is the most economical foundation option but also the least sturdy and dependable option. We do not recommend blocking any buildings larger than 12’x16’.

Building a Gravel Pad

Site Prep in the midwest graphic

1. Build Temporary Frame

Using 2×4 lumber build a 3-sided temporary frame slightly larger than your shed. Fasten the frame to the stakes from the outside to ensure easy removal of the frame after it is filled.

2. Fill with Base Material

Level the frame and ensure it is square, then fill with base material. We recommend at least 2-3 inches of crushed gravel for a long-lasting foundation.

3. Level Base

Level out the base with rakes or shovels. Slide a board over the top of the leveled frame to make sure the base is level.

4. Compact Base Material

Using a compactor to finish your new foundation will make delivery easier and minimize the settling of your shed over time.

Recommended Shed Base Installers

Want to have your shed base installed by a professional installer?  There are many companies that can handle this kind of work, but here are a few that we recommend.

Blaine Becker | Serves Fargo/Detroit Lakes Area | (320) 368-3417

Shed Anchoring

shed anchors
shed anchors 1
shed anchors 2
shed anchors 3
installing shed anchor 3
installing shed anchor

Photo Galleries Of Shed Foundations

Gravel Shed Foundations

Concrete Pad Foundations

Block Foundations

*Shed Foundations That Do Not Work*

Here are a few examples of shed foundations that we DO NOT recommend.