Metal Sheds

A Durable Storage Shed Solution

metal sheds with multiple colors in ND

Metal Sheds So Nice You Could Live In Them!

Metal Sheds are a great option when you need a low maintenance and durable storage solution. We know durability is key when you want to use your shed for storing what makes life’s rugged adventures happen. Whether you’re storing a few ATVs or something smaller like your children’s toys, our metal sheds can handle the demands of your life… even if you wanted to live in it!

Features of a Northland Metal Shed

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Features of a Northland Metal Shed

Metal Sheds are known for their high quality and durability. Some of the features that you can expect from a Northland Sheds metal shed are

  • Low Maintenance
  • Rot Resistance
  • Easy To Match With Existing Pole Buildings
  • Built with 2 x 4 Studs  That Are 16” On Center 
  • PerformMAX® Flooring With Textured, Skid Resistant Finish
  • Tuff Rib Metal For Roofing And Siding

Metal Sheds – Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Metal Are Your Metal Sheds Made With?

Our metal sheds are made with 29 gauge Steel. This kind of metal will not scratch or dent easily!

What Kind Of Paint Is Used On Your Metal?

Our Steel Storage sheds have a 40-year limited paint warranty. All the metal we use comes from Long Creek Steel, where everything is painted with AkzoNobel Paint.

How Long Do Metal Sheds Last?

A metal shed that is built correctly and sitting on a proper shed base can last easily 25 years, and if properly maintained, much longer than that. A lot of cheap metal sheds on the market do not have floors.  If you get one of those you are going to deal with corrosion problems.

Can I Replace The Steel On My Metal Shed?

Yes! Your steel is held into place with roofing fasteners. If for some reason you would want to change the color or need to replace a panel due to damage your metal shed can be easily repaired.

Do Your Metal Sheds Have Floors?

Yes, your metal shed will be built on a floor. So no matter what you use your shed for, you can rest assured that your belonging are off the ground and out of harm’s way. There are lots of cheap metal sheds from big box stores that don’t have floors.  You should avoid purchasing a shed without a floor.

Are Metal Sheds Better Than Wood or Vinyl Sheds?

In durability yes, metal sheds are better than wood or vinyl sheds. However, metal sheds look more industrial, unlike vinyl and wood sheds that are traditionally associated with a residential appearance.

Where To Buy Metal Sheds

When you are ready to purchase a Metal Shed, come check us out at one of our dealer lots! Our metal sheds are not a cheap eyesore, they are a real investment that will last for many years to come.