Choose Your Unique Shed Colors

We know that it is important to customize your shed colors to match your house or complement the setting that your shed will be in. That is why we try to offer a wide variety of shed color options. Browse our shed colors below to help you decide which combinations will stamp your style on your shed.

Please note that all colors are only representations and should be used for reference only. For actual color samples visit one of our Shed Lots or contact us to request color samples mailed to you.

When you have chosen the colors you like, click the button below to design your own shed using your unique shed colors scheme.

Customize Your Shed (3d Builder)

Vinyl Siding Colors

Our vinyl siding is a high quality Double Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding from Georgia Pacific. Special order colors marked with an * may include an extra charge.

Wood Paint Colors

Choose from our broad selection of Sherwin Williams paint colors to match the existing buildings on your property. If you want a color that is not one of these standard colors, we can custom match or use any color available from Sherwin Williams. To understand this process more, let’s see what John has to say about how our painting process works. You can see our selection of readily available Sherwin Williams paints below the video. 

* For trim only

Sheet Metal Colors

Colors marked with (*) are available in trim options also.

Shingle Colors

All our sheds include 30-year architectural shingles that are the best in the shed industry, designed to endure high winds and resist algae. Special order colors are available upon request (additional charges may apply.) To understand the quality of the shingles we are using let’s check back in with John to see what he has to say about the roofing shingles we use for our projects. 

Vinyl Shutter Colors

Add a finishing touch to your vinyl shed with these shutters available in five classic colors. Additional colors are available upon request (special order charges may apply.)

Garage Door Colors

Our garage door come in three main colors: White, Brown, and Sandstone. Colors marked with (*) are special order items and may incur extra charges.

Flower Box Colors

Our maintenance-free flower boxes are available in these colors.