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14x20 Garage Styles

14x20 garage ranch

Ranch Garages

Our Ranch Garages feature a classic A-frame design that offers both functionality and style. This shed style fits perfectly in a variety of settings, and can be used for vehicle and tool storage, a workshop, or a hobby garage.

Each garage is fully customizable in our 3D Builder, and can be upgraded with features such as extra doors and windows, a transom window, and extra shelving. Choose from a variety of panel materials and colors to make this shed just the way you want it.

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14x20 garage high barn

High Barn Garages

If you’re looking for a unique, barn-style garage, the High Barn garage could be just what you’re looking for. It features a gambrel truss design, which gives it a unique profile, as well as an abundance of interior space.

Each garage can be fully customized using our 3D Builder, allowing you the flexibility to add extra doors and windows or add additional shelving. You also have the freedom to choose from a wide range of panel materials and colors, ensuring your shed aligns with your personal preferences.

Design A 14x20 High Barn View Prefab Garages

Common Questions About 14x20 Garages

Do I Need A Permit For A 14x20 Garage?

In most areas, a 14×20 garage will require a permit to install. Many places require a permit for any shed or garage size above 120 square feet. If you live in North Dakota, check out our article on shed permits in North Dakota. This article provides various resources for applying for shed and garage permits.

How Much Gravel Do I Need For A 14x20 Garage Foundation?

A 14×20 garage foundation generally requires around 4 cubic yards of gravel. Since we recommend making your foundation a foot longer and wider than the garage on all sides, you will need a pad that is 15×21. We also recommend that you make it at least 4″ deep. These are the assumptions that we used to arrive at the above calculation for gravel needs for a 14×20 garage pad.

Please note that these calculations will only work if your site is level. If you are installing your garage on a slope, more gravel will be required. For more site prep information, check out our site prep page.

How Many Square Feet Is a 14x20 Garage

The total footprint of a 14×20 garage is 280 square feet. Keep in mind that a footprint of 280 square feet does not equate to 280 square feet of usable interior space. To get a calculation of usable interior space, you need to remove at least 5″ from all sides. This allows for 3.5″ for the wall studs, and up to 1.5″ of sheathing and siding on the outside of the building.

Thus, the usable interior space for a 14×20 garage should be calculated by multiplying 13 feet 7 inches by 19 feet 7 inches, resulting in approximately 266 square feet of usable floor space.

Paying For Your 14x20 Garage

Are you ready to purchase a 14×20 garage but don’t have the cash up front? We have convenient Rent-to-own and financing options available! Check out our payment options page for more information.