12x16 Sheds For Sale In ND, SD, MN, And IA

The 12×16 shed size is a spacious option for those in need of a larger storage solution. With its increased dimensions, this shed provides ample space while still maintaining a manageable size. It’s ideal for those with larger backyards or those requiring extra storage capacity. It’s important to note that a 12×16 shed typically requires a permit due to its size.

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12×16 Ranch Sheds

The 12×16 Ranch shed is an excellent choice for all your backyard storage needs. Featuring clean design lines and a versatile interior, this A-frame model blends seamlessly into any backyard setting. Customize the interior to suit your storage requirements.

Starting Prices For 12×16 Ranch Sheds

Siding TypeStarting Price Range
Wood Panel$6,633 - $7,233
Wood Lap$8,081 - $8,681
Vinyl$7,639 - $8,239
Metal$8,896 - $9,496
Design A 12x16 Ranch

12×16 Classic Sheds

The 12×16 Classic shed shares similarities with the Ranch shed, but features a steeper roof pitch. This design enhances the shed’s aesthetic appeal and provides additional space for a loft or a roof dormer, allowing more natural light into the structure. It’s perfect for various uses such as she sheds, home offices, art studios, and more.

Starting Prices For 12×16 Classic Sheds

Siding TypeStarting Price Range
Wood Panel$7,137 - $7,737
Wood Lap$8,513 - $9,113
Vinyl$8,026 - $8,626
Metal$9,219 - $9,819
Design A 12x16 Classic

12×16 High Barn Sheds

Maximize your storage space with the 12×16 High Barn shed, designed to make the most of its footprint. With a wall height of 75″ and a standard loft, this model offers exceptional storage capacity. You also have the option to add a second loft if needed. If you have plenty of items to store, the High Barn shed is the perfect choice.

Starting Prices For 12×16 High Barn Sheds

Siding TypeStarting Price Range
Wood Panel$7,140 - $7,740
Wood Lap$8,673 - $9,273
Vinyl$7,925 - $8,525
Metal$8,872 - $9,472
Design A 12x16 High Barn

12×16 Low Barn Sheds

The 12×16 Low Barn shed offers a classic look similar to the High Barn shed but with lower sidewalls. It’s an excellent storage solution for keeping your gardening tools and garage clutter out of sight at an affordable price.

Starting Prices For 12×16 Low Barn Sheds

Siding TypeStarting Price Range
Wood Panel$5,817 - $6,417
Wood Lap
Vinyl$6,947 - $7,547
Design A 12x16 Low Barn

12×16 Quaker Sheds

Experience the beautiful “old-world” charm of the 12×16 Quaker shed. With its offset roofline, this A-frame shed provides an extra overhang on the front, adding to its visual appeal.

Starting Prices For 12×16 Quaker Sheds

Siding TypeStarting Price Range
Wood Panel$7,200 - $7,800
Wood Lap$8,607 - $9,207
Vinyl$8,152 - $8,752
Design A 12x16 Quaker

12×16 Studio Sheds

The 12×16 Studio shed, also known as a modern shed, features a single-slope roof. It’s a popular choice for specialty uses such as backyard offices, man caves, art studios, and she sheds.

Starting Prices For 12×16 Studio Sheds

Siding TypeStarting Price Range
Wood Panel$7,071 - $7,671
Wood Lap$8,368 - $8,968
Design A 12x16 Studio

12×16 Economy Sheds

If you’re seeking an affordable shed option, consider the 12×16 Economy shed. While it may not have all the premium features of our main sheds, it’s still built to last. For more information about our economy sheds, please visit our economy shed page.

Starting Prices For 12×16 Economy Sheds

Style With Wood Panel SidingStarting Price Range
Economy Ranch$5,954 - $6,554
Economy Studio
Economy High Barn$6,062 - $6,662
Economy Low Barn$4,969 - $5,569
Design A 12x16 Economy

Common Questions About 12x16 Sheds

Do I Need A Permit For A 12x16 Shed?

In most cases, a 12×16 shed will require a permit due to its size. Regardless of shed size, it’s important to verify the local regulations before proceeding with a shed installation.

For shed permit guidelines specific to North Dakota, please refer to our shed permit guide for that state.

How Much Gravel Do I Need For A 12x16 Shed Foundation?

A 12×16 shed foundation typically requires approximately 3.11 cubic yards of gravel. It’s recommended to make the foundation one foot longer and wider than the shed on all sides. A 12×16 shed pad should ideally measure 14×18 feet and have a depth of at least 4 inches. Please note that if your site has a slope, additional gravel will be necessary. For more information on site preparation, visit our site prep page.

How Many Square Feet Is a 12x16 Shed

The total footprint of a 12×16 shed is 192 square feet. However, it’s important to note that the usable interior space will be slightly smaller due to the wall studs, sheathing, and siding. To calculate the usable floor space, subtract at least 5 inches from each side. As a result, the approximate usable interior space for a 12×16 shed is around 180 square feet which is calculated by multiplying 11 feet and 7 inches by 15 feet and 7 inches.

Paying For Your 12x16 Shed

Are you interested in purchasing a 12×16 shed but prefer flexible payment options? We offer convenient Rent-To-Own and financing choices. For more information, please visit our payment options page.