Craft A Creative Space With A Home Studio Shed

“I’m  turning (My shed) it into an art gallery/store for my carvings”

Joe Wavra
Home studio shed customer usage

For those who like to paint, sculpt, craft, or some other form of creative art, a storage shed can be the perfect studio space. Rather than trying to juggle your art supplies in the same space as your clothes or office work, a shed can be a great getaway space, dedicated to your hobby or business.

Let your creativity run wild in designing your dream studio shed and then let it continue to run wild as you work in your new studio space.

Craft Your Own Home Studio Shed

An Art Gallery from a Studio Shed

Featured Customer Shed Story

Anne, a Northland Shed’s customer,  is a skilled watercolor artist and art teacher. When she moved to Minnesota, she wanted a small shed to put in her backyard and setup as an art gallery and studio. She purchased one of our studio sheds, and with some unique modifications and interior finishing she has crafted a beautiful art studio from her shed. She paints and displays her art in this shed. The photos below are both interior and exterior photos of her building. 

A Chainsaw Carving Gallery Shed

Chainsaw carving studio shed
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