Wooden Storage Sheds

Beautiful Storage Sheds For Sale In ND, MN, IA, and SD

wooden storage sheds for sale in the upper midwest

There is nothing quite like that classic wood look when it comes to storage sheds.  Wooden storage sheds are beautiful and economical way to take care of your storage needs as well as other specialty uses. We build lots of different models, designs, and sizes of wooden storage sheds to fit the particular needs that you have.

Wooden Storage Sheds Build Quality

wooden storage sheds build quality in south dakota

Quality Floors

We use #1 grade treated lumber on the floors of our wooden storage sheds. We feel that a quality floor that is built to last is absolutely vital to the long-term viability of your building. The weather here in the North is consistently harsh, a solid flooring system is key to your building enduring for the long haul. 

quality wooden storage sheds with premier framing studs

Quality Framing

We frame all our sheds (excluding economy models) with quality 2×4’s spaced 16 inches on center.  We use premium grade lumber so that they not only last a long time, but that they also look great on the inside. While some may not think its a big deal, we think its the little details like seeing fewer knots on the inside and straighter framing that will help you enjoy your shed more!  If you choose to insulate your shed, you will enjoy being able to do so with ease.

wooden storage sheds with 15 year paint warranty in midwest

Quality Siding

The quality of the wooden siding and finish that you use is also a super important and serves as the last line of defense in protecting what matters in your wooden storage shed.  With Northland Sheds you get to choose between the beautiful wood lap siding and our wood panel finishing.  In either case, we finish them with Sherwin Williams paint that comes with a 15 year warranty so that you can have confidence in a solid building that comes with low maintenance. 

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Standard Options Included On Our Wooden Storage Sheds

double wooden doors on a wooden storage shed near fargo nd
Double Wooden Doors

All of our wooden storage sheds come standard with a set of quality wooden double doors. 

window included with wooden storage shed in mn
18x27 Window

Our sheds come standard with an 18×27 vinyl window.  If you would like more light in your shed, you can opt to add in extra windows. 

metal roof on wooden storage shed in mn
Metal Or Shingle Roof

We use high end shingles with a class 4 impact rating, which means they are nearly the strength of metal.  If you would like a metal roof, however, there is no difference in pricing.

Customize Your Wooden Storage Shed

In addition to the basic options available, our wooden storage sheds can be customized in all kinds of upgrades and color options. To see a complete list of options that you get for your wooden storage shed, check out our options and color pages. 

Wooden Storage Sheds Styles Available

We offer quite a few different styles of wooden storage sheds.  Here is a sample look of what each shed looks like with a wooden finish.

Ranch Shed

wooden storage shed for sale in mn

This is our most basic wooden storage shed model which features the traditional A-frame look.  This is a perfect economical option in wooden storage sheds. 

View Ranch Shed

Classic Shed

classic wooden storage shed for sale in nd with transom window

The classic shed features a slightly steeper roof pitch which offers good looks, extra headroom and the opportunity to add a beautiful transom window for extra light.

View Classic Shed

Quaker Shed

custom wooden storage shed for sale near minnesota

This wood shed model is also known as the “saltbox shed” and features an offset roofline and extra roof overhand in the front.

View Quaker Shed

Studio Shed

modern wooden storage shed for sale in ia 1

These wood sheds are offer a modern appearance and are ideal for specialty uses like backyard offices, man caves, she sheds, and more.

View Studio Shed

High Barn Shed

high barn wooden storage shed for sale in minnesota 1

The High Barn wooden shed is the most efficient shed we offer in terms of storage space. Featuring tons if headroom and options for a loft, you get lots of bang for the buck.

View High Barn Shed

Low Barn Shed

low barn wooden storage shed in north dakota

This is the smaller version of the high barn shed.  This model is perfect for when you need a simple storage solution for gardening tools and a lawnmower.

View High Barn Shed

Other Wooden Storage Shed Options

Economy Sheds

economy wooden storage shed for sale north dakota

 Our wooden economy sheds are built well but offer less premium features than our other wooden shed models.  Perfect for economical storage!

View Economy Sheds

Sheds With Porches

wooden storage shed for sale with porch in nd

These sheds add a layer of class to your typical storage shed.  Sometimes they are used to have a covered hangout space on a storage buildings, or can be used as a cabin.

View Porch Sheds

Garage Sheds

wooden storage shed with garage door for sale in nd

Add a garage door and make the shed a little bigger and you’ve got an affordable wooden garage shed! 

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Where To Buy Wooden Storage Sheds In ND, MN, IA, And SD

To find the nearest lot shed lot near you, or simply to understand the areas that we serve, enter your zip code on our shed lot page.