Sheds Currently In-Stock In Minnesota

Are you ready for a storage shed in Minnesota that is ready for whatever the weather up here is going to throw at it? We specifically build our sheds to be able to last.  We use premium grade studs, #1 grade treated lumber, long lasting paint and impact resistant shingles. We currently have an inventory of in-stock sheds for sale throughout Northwestern Minnesota, as well as deliver custom buildings to the same region. 

Custom Sheds For Sale In Minnesota

If you are not interested in any of our in-stock sheds currently for sale in your area, we are happy to custom build for you the shed of your dreams. When you order a custom shed you get to choose from a high variety of styles, options, colors, add ons. The best way to get started on your fully customized shed in Minnesota is to design one in 3D.

ranch shed for sale near georgetown minnesota

Ranch Sheds For Sale In Minnesota

Our Ranch sheds are our most popular and basic storage shed model that we offer in Minnesota. The Ranch shed is a basic A-frame model and is straightforward and easy to customize, and layout the interior by design. 

The Ranch Shed pictured here was installed in Georgetown, Minnesota and is being used as a craft shed.

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classic storage for sale in minnesota

Classic Sheds In Minnesota

The Classic model is adds a beautiful upgrade to the Ranch model by adding in a steeper roof pitch. The extra height looks classier on the outside and gives you more headspace on the inside. This model is great for adding a loft for additional space and/or adding a dormer window on the outside to give it some extra beauty while letting in some natural light. 

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saltbox quaker shed for sale in minnesota

Quaker Sheds In Minnesota

Quaker sheds are distinguished by their offset roofline and extra overhang in the front.  Also known as the “salt box” shed, this building adds a touch of old-world class to your backyard, while allowing you a bit of rain protection when opening and closing the doors. 

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modern shed for sale near rosseau minnesota

Studio Sheds In Minnesota

This popular shed model in Minnesota is also known as the “Modern Shed” Featuring a simple single slope design, the studio shed is super popular for use as a backyard office, art studios and more. This building is easy to customize and finish out to look stunning!

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high barn shed for sale in moorhead minnesota

High Barn Sheds In Minnesota

High barn sheds give you the look of a classic barn and offer a serious amount of storage.  The high sidewalls give ample room for a really nice loft or two.  This is a very economical option for getting a lot of storage on a small footprint of space. The High Barn shed pictured here was installed in Moorhead Minnesota.

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mini barn style wooden shed for sale in minnesota

Low Barn Sheds In Minnesota

The Low Barn shed is based on our High Barn design but with shorter sidewalls. This is an especially economical option that is perfect for simple backyard storage of gardening items or simply freeing up space in your garage. A Low Barn shed makes getting organized a breeze at an affordable price. 

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cabin shed with porch for sale in minnesota

Sheds With Porches In Minnesota

Sometimes known as prefab cabins, these sheds with porches are just as beautiful as they are functional.  While some customer use these buildings as a fancier backyard storage shed, they are also perfect for backyard guesthouses, vacation cabins, she sheds, and more.  These sheds are built to residential building standards, and thus are quite simple to insulate, add electrical, plumbing and to make them look stunning on the inside. 

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affordable sheds for sale in minnesota

Economy Sheds In Minnesota    

For a truly economical alternative storage shed solution in Minnesota, you should consider our economy line of sheds.  While the economy line is indeed a quality practical long-term storage solution, the are more affordable due to not coming with some of the premium features of our standard line of sheds. Don’t be afraid though, these sheds will serve your organization needs for many years to come. 

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We feel that sheds in Minnesota should be built to last a long time and should look outstanding. We use premium construction methods and materials and buildings so that they will last a long time and look outstanding.


Reliable Delivery

We deliver sheds throughout Northwestern Minnesota. We emphasize being on time and deliver using a shed mule that causes little to no impact on your property.

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Fully Customized

You can choose from a huge array of sizes styles, colors, add ons and more using our 3D Shed Builder. Check it out today, so that you can get a shed that is unique as you are!

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If you need a shed quickly, but are short on cash, we are happy to offer a convenient financing option to our customer in Minnesota. 

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