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We have lots of sheds for sale throughout North Dakota.  Please check out our inventory page for accurate availability and pricing near you, or search for your nearest lot.

Custom Sheds For Sale In North Dakota

Do you need a shed in North Dakota that is designed around your needs?  We custom build sheds with short lead times.  Our typical turnaround time is 6 weeks on a new custom storage buildings in North Dakota.  We work with our own delivery company to ensure a quick and painless delivery.  Here are some of the outstanding storage sheds models that we offer in North Dakota.  

ranch shed for sale in north dakota

Ranch Sheds In North Dakota

Our Ranch sheds are a basic A-frame design that are perfect for the most basic storage needs that you have. Sizes range from 8×10 all the way up to a 16×40. There are a huge variety of colors and options that you can choose from for this shed model. Like all our shed models, they are built to outstanding specifications and will last for many years to come.

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classic storage shed for sale in north dakota

Classic Sheds In North Dakota

The Classic shed model is similar to our Ranch shed, but offers a steeper roof pitch that gives it its classy appearance.  A popular add on to this shed style in North Dakota is to add a dormer window on the roof.  There is also ample head space in the interior to add a loft if desired.  Start designing one today to see all the options you can get with this building.

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quaker salt box shed for sale in north dakota

Quaker Sheds In North Dakota

Quaker sheds are also known as the “Salt Box” shed.  This shed’s distinctive off set roof line allows for extra overhang in the front that offers rain protection when opening and closing the front doors. This shed also offers a beautiful “old-world” look to your backyard. This shed is available in sizes from 8×12 up to 12×32.

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modern studio shed for sale in north dakota

Studio Sheds In North Dakota

Also know as modern sheds, these sheds are popular in North Dakota to be used as backyard office sheds, she sheds, man caves, simple storage and more.  The shed design features a simple single slope roof and is available in sizes from 8×12 to 12×20. This shed is easy to customize and is ready to use for whatever you need. Add optional transom windows above the doors, face it towards the South and let the light stream in!

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high barn shed for sale in north dakota

High Barn Sheds In North Dakota

These barn sheds give you that lovely classic barn look while offering you maximum storage space. There is plenty of room for a loft or two on the inside of these storage buildings that offer incredible headspace. This building is offered in sizes from 8×12 all the way up to 16×40. If you love the barn look and need maximum space, this shed is for you. 

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mini barn wooden shed for sale in north dakota

Low Barn Sheds In North Dakota

This shed model is the king of affordable storage. It has the exact same style as our high barn storage shed, but with lower side walls. This is the perfect little garden shed to store all of your lawn and gardening equipment.  This shed size starts at 8×10, and goes all the way to 12×28. So whether you need to store a handful of items or need a whole lot of economical storage, this model can work for you. 

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sheds with porches for sale in north dakota

Sheds With Porches In North Dakota

Our sheds with porches, are beautiful and adaptable for all kinds of unique applications. Whether you are looking for a hangout spot in the backyard or a cabin shell that you can finish for your vacation spot by the lake, these unique storage buildings will get the job done. Since they are built to residential building standards, they are simple to finish with full insulation, electrical and plumbing.

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affordable storage sheds for sale in north dakota

Economy Sheds In North Dakota     

To offer our customers a more affordable storage shed option we build an economy line of sheds.  While they are not built to the same specifications as our premium sheds, they are still built to last for many years for the budget conscious shopper.  

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Our Promise to you

Extraordinary Quality

We only use premium grade lumber so that you know that you are getting the absolute best quality building that you can get in North Dakota. All flooring, walls and roofing systems are built tough.


Reliable Delivery

We deliver sheds all over North Dakota.  We use a shed mule that leaves little to no impact on your yard. You will be surprised how quick delivery can be. 

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custom sheds for sale in north dakota

Fully Customized

Designing your own custom shed in North Dakota has never been easier with our 3D Builder.  You can choose from a huge array of sizes styles, colors, add ons and more so that you can get exactly what you need. 

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Shed Purchasing options In North Dakota

If you need a shed quickly, but are short on cash, we offer a number great financing and rent to own options. 

Rent-To-Own Sheds In North Dakota

Rent-to-own is particularly a great option if you are currently using a self-storage unit.  Getting a storage shed with rent-to-own means that you will eventually own your building outright and always have access to your things right in the back yard.

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Shed Financing In North Dakota

We work with Wells Fargo to offer approachable and convenient financing options for your shed.

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Rent to own sheds

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