Cabin Living Shed

“I use my shed as a lake cabin – [Northland Sheds] installed windows and a door to get it started and I finished the inside.”

- Mark Osten

Cabin Sheds / Glamping Shed

Now that “glamping” is all the rage, why not use your storage shed as a cabin for a getaway from everyday stresses. Put a cabin in your backyard and you’ll be able to go on vacation without having to pack for a trip. Kids especially love to use storage sheds for slumber parties. And by turning your storage shed into a cabin, you’ll have an extra guest room for family gatherings.

Our Cabin Sheds can be customized to match your home style. Amp it up even more by adding a front porch as a relaxing outdoor space. Choose from our three different styles of sheds with porches and design the perfect getaway cabin.

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Ranch porch shed for cabin shed

Gable Shed Cabin

We offer full line of A-frame style gable cabin shells. This classic design looks great in a variety of environments, from your backyard to the deep woods. These shed cabins are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a backyard getaway, hunting cabin, or even a small vacation getaway.  Here are some of the features of our Gable Shed Cabins:

  • A-frame Design
  • 4′ Covered Porch
  • 3/4″ LP ProStruct® Textured Flooring, Skid Resistant Finish
  • One Set of Double Doors
  • And More!
View the Gable Shed Cabin
High barn porch sheds for cabin shed

High Barn Shed Cabin

If you love the look of a barn style shed, check out our High Barn shed cabins. These shed cabin shells offer unique, arch-style profile that gives this shed plenty of interior space. Whether your looking for a small vacation cabin or a hunting lodge, these high barn shed cabin shells are up to the job. Here’s what you get with our High Barn shed cabins:

  • Barn-Style Design
  • 4′ Covered Porch
  • 3/4″ LP ProStruct® Textured Flooring, Skid Resistant Finish
  • One Set of Double Doors
  • And More!
View the high barn shed cabin
farmhouse porch shed for sale near fargo north dakota

Farmhouse Shed Cabin

Our Farmhouse shed cabin design is a bit different than our other shed cabin designs. Instead of a front porch, these cabin shells feature a side porch that gives if more of a farmhouse feel. If you’re looking for your own vacation spot, create your own in a Farmhouse shed cabin. Here are some of the features:

  • A-frame Trusses
  • Full-lengh Side Porch
  • 3/4″ LP ProStruct® Textured Flooring, Skid Resistant Finish
  • One Set of Double Doors
  • And More!
view the Farmhouse shed cabin

Cabin Shed Ideas and Blogs

portable cabin for sale near north dakota minnesota iowa

11 Steps To Finishing A Fantastic Portable Cabin

In this blog, you’ll learn how to turn your shed into cozy shed cabin. This article features one of our customers and his journey of converting his shed into a shed cabin.

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Off grid cabin shed idea

From A Shed to An Off-Grid Cabin

Check out this article and learn how Chris, one of our customers, converted his shed into an off-grid cabin. In this blog, you’ll find some great DIY tips and ideas for your off-grid cabin. 

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4 Creative Uses for Cabin Sheds

For an in depth guide on some great cabin shed uses, check out this article. Whether you want a cabin in the woods or your own vacation spot in your backyard, you’ll find something for you.

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More Cabin Shed Ideas

Custom hunting cabin

Hunting Cabin

Transform your shed into a Hunting Cabin. This will provide a great personal space to display all your trophies and store all of your hunting gear. All hunters enjoy their off-grid spaces that are still classy. Get ready for some hunting parties.

Pod cabin shed idea northland

Grandpa Pod Cabin

Yes, every good grandpa deserves his own space for all of his post retirement hobbies. Transform a shed into a cabin for a hobby spot. Now when the grandkids are around, Grandpa has a retreat space to get away from the noise, as well as a space to entertain the kids.

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Tiny House Living

Tiny houses are a big deal these days. With a cabin shed, you can have an economical way to downsize and do tiny living. A cabin shed can be turned into a beautiful living space that provides unlimited options for customizing it to fit your style. Simplify life with a Tiny House cabin shed