Are you tired of “never” leaving your home? Do you feel more anxiety than focus, when you are surrounded by not only your weekly workload, but the dishes, the background buzz of your children’s’ bickering or tears, or the challenge of leaving work in its rightful place? You fill in the blank. _________

Enjoy a bit of comic relief from what working from home can sometimes be like ? (see if you can relate.)

You may enjoy working from home and you do not want that to change, but you know something needs to change…

If so, a home office shed can change your life and your work productivity. Plus, the good news keeps getting better.

Acquiring an office shed not only increases your overall health, happiness, and success, but it is more affordable and simpler than you might have expected.

Let’s get to it and in this blog, you can even start the exciting and simple process of owning your very own home office shed!

“Now get to work.” ?

How to Secure a Productive Workspace Inside an Office Shed – 10 Simple Steps

studio shed used as an office in north dakota

1. Choose Local Prefab Shed Builders (With a GOOD reputation…read customer reviews)

Have you heard about the craze right now for backyard office sheds?

People are ordering them online from across the country for insane amounts of money. The unfortunate downside to that route is that the quality of these cross-country sheds does not equal the costs.

You can save time and money by researching for prefab shed builders near you. Local prefab shed builders are often small, family-run businesses where their high-quality materials and excellent customer service come at reasonable, fair prices.

No need to order a shed from the east coast when you live in North Dakota, Minnesota, or Iowa.

Check out a local shed company like Northland Sheds.

And always read the customer reviews!

Armed with a reputable local shed builder, the rest of the process is a breeze. Yes, even from the comfort of home.

Which means you can grab a cup of coffee, your slippers, and sit back as you create your dream office shed.

2. Pick Your Ideal Shed Office Style & Size.

small office shed with a porch in minnesota

Next, you get to choose your backyard office shed style and size. Perhaps you are not sure what style of office shed you want? No sweat!

Office sheds for sale in minnesota

Take a moment to view the above sheds. Which one draws your attention the most? Can you imagine yourself working inside this style?

For more details and a closer look, check out the shed styles, their sizes, and options here.

Once you decide on your preferred office shed style, put it all together with your desired size and options with this easy-to-use online shed builder! Enjoy seeing what the finished product could look like, and even get an estimated cost in the process. Always stay true to your budget!

Do not seal the deal just yet, until you read on through the following steps.

3. Acquire A Permit From Your Local Township.

Depending on the size of your shed, you may need a permit (in some states if the floor area of your shed is less than 200 feet, a permit is not required).

The permit process is straightforward and requires you to reach out to your local township’s government building and/or HOA (if applicable to you).

Depending on your local township, acquiring a permit can take anywhere from an hour to 5-10 days. Better to anticipate 2 weeks and get this process started asap, before purchasing your new shed.

However, if you reach out to Northland Sheds’ customer service, you can find out how long your new office shed’s building time will take, and “kill two birds with one stone”. Order your shed and get the permit process going at the same time.

4. Add Plenty Of Lighting

studio shed for sale in north dakota

Do you wonder about lighting for your shed? While you will want to install electric lighting, you can save on your electric bill by adding plenty of windows to your office shed.

The more windows or transom windows you add, the less dependent you are on artificial lighting. Plus, sunshine is healthy and invigorating. A win for your work, and your budget.

So do not skimp on windows for your new home office shed!

5. Choose Insulation, DIY, Or Bypass

insulated home office shed in iowa

Thinking ahead to those cold fall evenings and frigid winter mornings, basically thinking ahead to the coldest months of the year…do you want to install insulation?

Insulation is key to keeping your backyard office shed warmer and more weather-tight. Of course, some form of artificial heating is yet required to keep you and your office plants from “freezing”.

However, insulation goes a long way in cutting back the costs of heating and the difficulty of keeping your office shed warm.

Especially if you go with popular shed heating methods, such as the Black & Decker AC/Heat Combo unit on Amazon or the Cadet Portable Baseboard Heater at Lowes.

If you want insulation you can choose to have it installed by Northland Sheds during your shed’s construction. See Northland’s insulation option here.

Or if you got the DIY skills, go for it!

While some people opt to forgo insulation inside their office shed (it is a free country ?), the negatives outweigh the positives especially here in the cold north central region.

6. Choose Doors With Locks

office shed door lock in the midwest

Yes, you will be leaving your expensive electronics outside in your backyard!

Before you freak out, lose hair, or add new grey ones ?, all your costly and money-making investments WILL stay safe under lock and key.

It is especially important for you to choose good doors for your shed and ones that lock.

Plus, you can consider adding an extra bolt lock or video surveillance for extra peace of mind.

7. Determine Your Electrical Connection Needs

Adding an electric connection is important for your new office shed. Your computer, coffee maker, ac or heater depends upon electrical power.

You may wonder about adding electricity to your shed. Is it easy or hard? It is important to determine how much electricity you need to run all your electronics and lights. Feel free to reach out to Northland Sheds to see what they recommend.

However, the simplest route would be to hire an electrician to take care of installing electricity, and the cheapest route would be to take care of the process yourself, DIY.

8. Add Wall Siding And Flooring

If you go with insulation, you will especially want to clad the interior walls of your shed. Some popular options are drywall, shiplap, and plywood.

Also, laminate flooring is the cheapest option for tastefully covering your quality-built shed office floor. However, other options are tile, engineered hardwood, carpet, or even just floor paint.

Note: You might want to paint your walls first before installing the floor.

9. Paint

paint your home office shed in iowa

Depending upon what you choose to clad the interior walls of your shed, you may or may not need to paint.

Paint definitely adds a brighter or more unique twist to your ideal working environment. Plus, this step will be a piece of cake. ? As a shout-out, Sherwin Williams always offers quality paint. And if you are looking for a cheaper paint, check out some “good ole faithful’s” at Walmart or Lowes.

Spend a day or two adding a coat or two and the walls of your office shed should be good to go!

10. Add Personal Touches

Your office shed looks fantastic, open, and ready!!! For the cherry on top, the last thing necessary for your new office shed is to add your personal decorating touches and necessary furniture.

Go simple and build with time. You already invested good money into a quality backyard shed office. No pressure to go big or go home on this step.

Simply set up a working desk, chair, throw rug, and add a couple of house plants for a touch of green.

This step is all you. ? Enjoy!

For further inspiration check out this video on ways to turn your shed into a home office.

Are You Ready to Bring Home Your Office Shed?!

easy office shed at home in backyard in North Dakota

Thousands of Americans woke up this morning and walked a couple yards to their own backyard office shed.

You can be next.

Simply begin the process right now, and from choosing your shed style to delivery day, you will be equipped and empowered to make the best possible decision for you and your budget.

Fact. You are the boss of your workspace. Welcome to your simple and affordable office shed solution!

Happy Working from Home…actually, happy working outside of the home. Better yet, happy working from your backyard shed office!